Stephen Partridge (Bucks New University)

Is music sampling a (relatively) new phenomenon, or have composers always been influenced by, and built upon, the creative endeavours of their precedents?

I will begin by considering creative reuse of music from an historical perspective. I will consider ways in which emerging genres and form build on their precedents, while remaining cognisant of debates concerning what is meant by originality in the context of music composition. I will make explicit reference to the applied element of my developing thesis,, which will link this discussion to ways in which current and emerging technologies affect this realm of creativity.

I will conclude by considering the extent to which digital sampling can be considered valid as the craft basis for an art form?


Stephen Partridge is Head of Academic Department for Media & Creative Industries at Bucks New University, where approximately 500 students undertake undergraduate and postgraduate courses spanning the creative industries: from music management, performance and production to filmmaking, creative writing and animation.

Stephen is also Director of Spacerocket Media Ltd, a production company that specialises in filming live music performance with particular focus on high resolution capture in 360 mapped to 9.1 surround sound.

As a PhD student at the University of East London, Stephen’s applied research interest concerns changes in the ways that music consumers engage with digital content.