Russel Stone (Bucks New University)

Word of mouth communication in the social era.

Word of mouth communication is being magnified and amplified on a vast and unprecedented scale by free, easy to use technologies that are fast becoming ubiquitous. Where once thoughts and experiences regarding products and brands were shared orally one-to-one or in small groups, word of mouth has been transformed by social media into electronic communication with hundreds of friends and acquaintances. Consumers can now easily come together on sites such as Facebook to discuss brands and products and share their experiences.

Word of mouth communication has been the subject of much academic research which has produced ample evidence that word of mouth is an influential factor in consumer decision-making. However, many question how well this research generalises to social media.

This paper will explore what we know about electronic word of mouth communication and how influential it may be regarding our choice of products.


Russel is a senior lecturer at Buckinghamshire New University in the department of Media and Creative Industries where he teaches digital marketing to Music Management students. Prior to joining Bucks, Russel worked for record companies, managed artists and ran events at music festivals.