Gerard Gormley (Bucks New University)

As a composer and songwriter the types of opportunities available for presenting my work has shifted over the last number of years; ever more frequently the work has been moved from the concert hall and into the art gallery. This is due, in part, to the fallout from an ever evolving paradigm shift in the public consumption of original music. Monetarily, artists can no longer rely exclusively on the tried and tested practice of releasing and touring an album within an unsteady industry, and so have been supplementing a living in other ways.

Composers have been taking cues from the visual art world in taking up artist-in-residence programs in order to develop work in new ways, and for particular galleries/spaces. This proposal relates to the experimental audio works I have created during such residencies in galleries and other academic institutes.




Gerard Gormley creates noise-based works that explore various forms of microsound. Gerard works in electroacoustic music, audiovisual installation, and sound composition for film. In addition to his work as a composer, he is active as a sound engineer and is currently a Lecturer in Audio and Music Production at Buckinghamshire New University.