FYTA -Fil Ieropoulos (Bucks New University) and Foivos Dousos (Royal Holloway)



Traversing a sea of broken screens, we build a new city. 

We transmutate what is lost, we undo a history.

In this performative lecture, we attempt a theorisation of certain methodological gestures towards a trans-disciplinary future: zapping and flicking between media, genres, ideas. By utilising examples from our own work, as well as drawing theoretical arguments by a wide variety of future-oriented disciplines such as post-human, transgender and psychoanalytic studies we attempt to build a connective schema where the idea of passing from one medium to another is discussed and problematised in relation to new realities of embodied methodologies. In this context, we take into account certain technological advancements on the domain of prosthetic augmentation, debates on the relations between spatial reality and virtual phenomenology, and relevant input from queer theorisations of the gendered body. The main case study we will focus on is our work Pokemon Poetry, a work-in-progress that we have presented on a number of occasions, transforming and mutating into different media over the years.


FYTA is a conceptual audiotextual performance duo, consisting of Fil Ieropoulos [Bucks New University] and Foivos Dousos [Royal Holloway]. They were formed in 2012 and have performed in Greece, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, while their films have been screened around the world. FYTA have released 5 meta-pop records, run a greek queer music label and curate the yearly festival Sound Acts, a gathering of academics, musicians and performers that work on intermedia post-identity projects. In 2013, they curated part of the Athens Biennale and in the Spring of 2017, they are preparing a publication about the first four years of their work, as well as a major event relating to Documenta 14.